In the Eastern group we found the greatest contrast between serenity and agitation. This story was shot in São Miguel and Santa Maria islands.

"Walk alone through the green fields and step on the volcanic rocks while breathing the ocean fragrance... This is my world, this is Açores!"

Emanuel Raimundo, local guide

Travel tips

Local services that were part of our trip.

Convento de São Francisco

Formerly a convent, now a lovely boutique hotel.
+351 962 651 593
São Miguel island


Swimming with dolphins; whale watching; nature activities.
+351 296 628 522
São Miguel island (also operate in other islands)

Asas de São Miguel

Paragliding all around the island (lagoons, beaches, etc)
+351 91 923 00 61
São Miguel island

Bicicletaria Azores

Enduro store and bike rental.
+351 918 438 664
São Miguel island

Monbike Azores

Enduro biking.
+351 296 642 265
Santa Maria island

Poça Dona Beja

Thermal hot springs where you can relax after exercising. Even better while raining.
+351 296 584 256
São Miguel island

Azores Green Story


Let us tell you how green the Azores islands are, through a story in the 2 most remote islands of the arquipelago:
Flores and Corvo.

Azores Red Story


Discover the blue part of the Azores through the most active story lived in the 5 central group islands: Faial, Pico, São Jorge, Graciosa and Terceira.


To know when new stories are released.

Azores Outdoor Stories show how authentic a visit to the Azores Islands can still be,
surrounded by the never ending Nature activities and scenario of the Archipelago.

Most of the activities shown were performed and supervised by local professionals, that are experts in the area and have a proper license.
Don’t try to replicate them on your own.

Project developed by +Mar Association, produced by Lufinha, directed by Humaneyes, edited by The Flying Man and supported by Skyhour and the Azores' Regional Government - Energy, Environment and Tourism Office.

Associação +Mar
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Lufinha Humaneyes Visit Azores
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