Discover the endless activities that you can do at Madeira, all in the same day!

"A place where I go when I seek action in nature, with a lot of activities to experience. All while keeping a strong connection between land and Ocean."

Francisco Lufinha, Kitesurf/boat World Record Holder

Travel tips

Local companies that were part of our trip. Thank you to the companies below that helped our Outdoor Stories' team perform the activities shown.

Endemic Xperiences

Call Gonçalo and Sofia for outdoor guiding and activies including canyoning, camping, hiking and other experiences.
+351 918 436 609
Madeira and Porto Santo islands

Madeira Paragliding

Call Hartmut for paragliding (pilots and tandem). The picturesque take-off area is the most flyable spot in Portugal.
+351 964 133 907
Madeira island


Reach out to Joe Sanchez for moutainbike, a certified guide, trail builder, master mechanic and all round crazy guy!
+ 351 910 483 030
Madeira island


Call Nelson for Scuba diving, snorkeling, freediving
+351 969 333 777
Madeira and Porto Santo islands

Porto Santo Destination Tours

Matias handles Kayaks, caves, snorkeling, pirates and corsair tours to explore the island.
+351 911 798 989
Porto Santo island

Fajã dos Padres

An incredible access via a spectacular cable car, a desert beach, a myriad of exotic fruits and vegetables to try, a story to unravel.
+351 291 944538
Madeira island

Madeira SUP Tours

Single, double or big family SUP day tours, board rental and events.
+351 915 790 850
Madeira island

Wine bar 3Vs

Diogo runs a family house with a tradition in Porto Santo wines. They make jams, jellies, figs in syrup, grape seed flour, soaps... all very nice to see and taste!
+351 917 856 799


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Madeira Outdoor Story shows how authentic a visit to the Madeira Islands can still be,
surrounded by the never ending Nature activities and scenario of the Archipelago.

Most of the activities shown were performed and supervised by local professionals, that are experts in the area and have a proper license.
Don’t try to replicate them on your own.

Project produced by Lufinha, directed by Humaneyes, edited by The Flying Man and supported by Madeira's Promotion Bureau.

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